Sweet children, after becoming Brahmins, don't behave in such a way that the Father's name would be dishonoured. While at your work etc., simply continue to follow shrimat.

Which words should not emerge from the lips of Godly students?

"We don't have time to study." These words should not emerge from your lips. The Father does not place any difficulty on the children's heads. He simply says: Awaken in the early hours of the morning and remember Me and study for an hour or half an hour.

What is the plan of human beings and what is the Father's plan?

The plan of human beings is to unite and become one. Human beings desire one thing, but the Fatherís plan is to change the land of falsehood into the land of truth. So, in order to go to the land of truth, you definitely do have to become truthful.

What has happened to the human beings of today?

Essence for dharna:

1. Earn a true income in order to go to the land of truth. Be soul conscious. Renounce the arrogance of that old, decayed shoe (body).

2. Be merciful and bring benefit to yourself and to others. Awaken early in the morning, remember the Father and spin the discus of self-realisation.


May you be a holy swan who transforms anything wasteful into powerful with your good wishes.

A holy swan is one who puts aside anything negative and imbibes the positive. While seeing and hearing, do not look or listen. Negative means wasteful things. So, do not listen to, perform or speak of wasteful things. Transform anything wasteful into powerful. For this, you need to have good wishes for every soul. With good wishes, even something wrong becomes right. Therefore, it doesnít matter what someone is like, simply continue to give good wishes. Good wishes will change stone to water and anything wasteful will be transformed into something powerful.


In order to experience supersensuous joy, remain stable in the stage of an embodiment of peace.