Sweet children, constantly have the one concern of studying well and giving yourself a tilak of sovereignty. It is through this study that you receive a kingdom.


What should you children be enthusiastic and not disheartened about?


Always remain enthusiastic about becoming like Lakshmi and Narayan; make effort for this and never become disheartened. The study for this is very easy. You can study this even while living at home. There are no fees for this, but you definitely do need courage.


May you be in an unlimited stage of retirement and engaged in staying in solitude and remembrance.

According to the present time, all of you are close to the stage of retirement. Those who are in the stage of retirement do not play childhood games. They remain constantly in solitude and remembrance. All of you who are in an unlimited stage of retirement stay constantly in the depths of One, that is, you stay constantly in solitude. Together with that, you must continue to remember the One and become embodiments of remembrance. BapDada’s pure hope for all the children is that the children and the Father now become equal. Always stay merged in remembrance. To be equal is to become merged: this is a sign of the stage of being in retirement.


Take one step of courage and the Father will take a thousand steps of help.