Sweet children, the true Father establishes the land of truth. You have come to the Father to listen to the true knowledge of how to become Narayan from an ordinary man.


Why do you children have to remain very, very cautious while living in your household?


Because your ways and means are unique. Your knowledge is incognito. This is why you have to have unlimited intellects in order to fulfil your responsibilities to everyone. Internally, have the awareness that you are all brothers or brothers and sisters. However, this doesn't mean that a wife says to her husband, "You are my brother!" When others hear this, they would wonder what has happened to her. You have to be very tactful.

Essence for dharna:

1. The golden age is being established at this time of settlement. Therefore, you definitely have to become pure. Never have any doubts about the Father or His task.

2. Knowledge and relationships are incognito. Therefore, have an unlimited intellect and interact with everyone in your household very tactfully. Don't speak words that would confuse those who hear them.


May you be multi-million times fortunate and earn an income of multi-millions on the basis of shrimat by finishing your own dictates and the dictates of others.

Those who follow shrimat cannot have a single thought according to their own dictates or the dictates of others. If the speed of your stage is not fast, there is definitely something of your own dictates or the dictates of others being mixed with shrimat. Dictates of the mind are the thoughts that arise according to the limited sanskars of a soul which make that soul fluctuate. Therefore, check yourself or have others check you. Donít take a single step without shrimat, for only then will you accumulate an income of multi-millions and be able to become multi-million times fortunate.


Constantly to have benevolent feelings for all in your mind is the duty of a world benefactor soul.