Sweet children, you are world servants at present. You mustn't become body conscious in any respect.


Which habit is against the spiritual law and causes a lot of damage?


To listen to film stories or read novels is totally against the law. Doing this causes a lot of damage. Baba has forbidden you children to read such books. If any BKs read such books, you can caution them.


May you be an all-round server and receive the Prasad of all attainments by serving the yagya.

To receive a chance to do all-round service at the confluence age is also a lift in the drama. Those who do all-round service of the yagya with love automatically receive the prasad of all attainments. They remain free from obstacles. They do service just once and receive the fruit of that service one thousand-fold. Subtle and physical "langar” (continuous offering of food) should continue all the time. To make anyone content is the biggest service of all. To offer hospitality is the greatest fortune of all.


Remain stable in your self-respect and all types of arrogance will automatically finish.