11/11/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, the more you remember the Father, the more the locks on your intellects will open. Those who repeatedly forget to have remembrance of the Father are unlucky children.

What is the basis of accumulating in your account? What brings the greatest income?

You accumulate in your account by donating. To whatever extent you give the Father’s introduction to others, to that extent your income increases. You earn a huge income by studying the murlis. These murlis change you from ugly to beautiful. There is Godly magic in each murli. It is by studying the murli that you become very wealthy.

We have to follow the path on which we may fall and so have to be cautious.

Essence for dharna:

1. Study very well and make yourself fortunate. In order to become a deity, become a firmBrahmin.

2. In order to remember the bodiless Father, become soul conscious. Practise forgetting your body.


May you be yogyukt and remain beyond body consciousness by constantly considering yourself to be a co-charioteer and a detached observer.

The easy way to become yogyukt is to move along while constantly considering yourself to be a co-charioteer and a detached observer. “I, this soul, am the one who drives this chariot.” This awareness automatically makes you detached from your chariot, your body and from any type of body consciousness. When you do not have any body consciousness, you easily become yogyukt and every action you perform will be yuktiyukt. By considering yourself to be a co-charioteer, all your physical senses will stay under your control. Such a soul is not controlled by his physical senses.


In order to be a victorious soul, make “paying attention” and “practising this” your original sanskars.