Sweet children, it is now your stage of retirement. Therefore, remember the one Father, and make preparations to go to the land beyond sound (nirvana).

Q- Who does the Father not discriminate between?

A- He doesn't discriminate between the poor and the wealthy. Each one of you has the right to claim a high status on the basis of the effort you make. As you progress further, each of you will have a vision of your status. Baba says: I am the Lord of the Poor and this is why all the desires of the poor children become fulfilled. This is the final period. Some people's wealth will remain buried underground, some will be looted by the Government. Those who insure everything with the Father make everything they have worthwhile.

D- 1. While overcoming the storms of Maya, claim your full inheritance from the Father. Put the directions of the Mother and Father into practice. 2. Forget the old world and remember the new world. Insure yourself with the Father before death.

V- May you be a true server who serves with a feeling of surrender and thereby achieves success ! -------- A true server is one who serves with a feeling of surrender. Let there not be the slightest consciousness of "mine" in service. There cannot be success where there is any consciousness of "mine". When someone thinks: "This is my work, my idea, my duty", that consciousness of "mine" creates attachment. However, while living anywhere, let there always be this awareness: "I am an instrument, this is not my home, but a service place". Then, with this feeling of surrender, you will be humble and free from attachment and achieve success.

S- Remain constantly on your seat of self-respect and all powers will continue to obey your orders.