Sweet children, the task of you children of the Benefactor Father is to benefit everyone. Remind everyone of the Father and donate knowledge to them.

Q- Which children does Baba call maharathis? What are their signs?

A- Those who study well and teach others, who constantly have the omens of Jupiter over them, who are always concerned for their own progress as well as the progress of others, who give their bones in serving the yagya and who are helpers in Baba’s task are maharathis. Baba says of such maharathi children: These are My worthy children.

D- 1. Remind one another of the Father at meal times. Eat your food while in remembrance. Have true love for only one Shiv Baba.________2. Give your bones in serving the yagya. Become the Father’s complete helpers.

V- May you be full of success by having faith in the intellect and finish any web of weak thoughts. __________Until now, weak thoughts emerge in the majority of children. They think: I don’t know whether something will happen or not, or what will happen. These weak thoughts become a wall and success gets hidden behind that wall. Maya spins a web of waste thoughts and you become trapped in that web. Therefore, with the awareness of having faith in the intellect, being victorious and having the birthright of success, finish weak thoughts.

S- Keep your third eye, your volcanic eye open and Maya will become powerless.