Generosity is the speciality of a gathering of those who are images of support.

V- May you become an avyakt angel, like the Father by giving sakaash to all souls with your highest stage and as a detached observer._________While walking and moving around, always consider yourself to be an incorporeal soul and while performing actions, consider yourself to be an avyakt angel and you will continue to fly up above. An angel means one who stays in the highest stage. No matter what continues to happen in the physical world, be a detached observer and continue to observe everyone’s part and continue to give them sakaash. Sakaash is not given by getting off your seat. Remain stable in the highest stage and, with the help of your attitude and drishti, give the sakaash of benevolence, not while in a mixed state of mind. Only then will you be able to remain safe from any type of atmosphere and receive blessings to become an avyakt angel, like the Father.

S- With the power of remembrance, transform sorrow into happiness and peacelessness into peace.