Sweet children, keep a register of both your study and your divine character. Check every day whether you have made a mistake.


By making which effort do you children claim a tilak for the kingdom?* Words that Baba spoke in English are shown in italics.


1. Make effort to remain constantly obedient. At the confluence age, if you give the tilak of being one who obeys orders, you will receive the tilak for the kingdom. To be unfaithful means to be one who doesn’t obey orders. Such ones cannot receive the tilak for the kingdom. 2. Do not hide any illness from the Surgeon. If you hide anything, your status will be reduced. Become an ocean of love, the same as the Father and you will receive a tilak for the kingdom.


May you become an image that grants visions who makes the atmosphere avyakt with your avyakt and peaceful form.

Just as you make other programmes for service, in the same way, also make a programme for staying on the pilgrimage of remembrance from morning till night, and every now and then stop the traffic of your thoughts for two to three minutes. When someone is seen in a lot of gross consciousness, then, without saying anything to that one, adopt such an avyakt and peaceful form yourself that that one understands from a signal. By your doing this, the atmosphere will remain avyakt. Something unique will be visible and you will become an image that grants visions.


Complete truth is the basis of purity.