12/01/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, the Father, the Master, has taught you the art of changing yourselves from human beings into deities. So then, on the basis of shrimat, serve others so that they too can change into deities.

What elevated act do you children perform now, an act that becomes a custom and system on the path of devotion?

On the basis of shrimat, you surrender your minds, bodies and wealth, not just to benefit Bharat, but the whole world. Human beings on the path of devotion have the custom and system of donating in the name of God. In return, they take their next birth in a royal family. However, you children become the Fatherís helpers at the confluence age and change from humans into deities.

You spent the night in sleeping and the day in eating.

Essence for dharna:

1. Save yourself from the unconsciousness of Maya with the life-giving herb of knowledge and yoga. Don't follow the dictates of your own mind.

2. Become rup-basant and do service. Follow the mother and father and become worthy of sitting on the throne.


May you become worthy of worship and worthy of praise by giving donations and performing charity in your powerful stage.

In the final moments, when weak souls have even a little experience of attainment through you perfect souls, they will carry the sanskars of that final experience and rest in their home for half a cycle. Then, they will become your devotees in the copper age and worship and praise you. Therefore, be a great bestower and a bestower of blessings for such weak souls and give them the donation and charity of experience. This donation and charity of a second performed in this powerful stage will make you worthy of worship and praiseworthy for half a cycle.


Instead of being afraid in adverse situations, become a detached observer and you will be victorious.