Sweet children, the Teacher is bodiless and you therefore have to make effort to have remembrance. By remembering Baba, you will finish your examination and then go home.

Q- You children have to make effort to stay in remembrance. So, what should you never be deceived by?

A- When you have a vision of a soul and you see a sparkling light, there is no benefit in that. It isn’t that by having a vision or by receiving Baba’s drishti, your sins are cut away or you receive liberation; no. In that case, you would be deceived even more. Make effort to have remembrance. It is only by making this effort that you will reach your karmateet stage. It isn’t that when Baba gives you drishti, you become pure. You have to make effort.

D- 1. Adopt the discus of self-realisation and burn your sins away. Be careful that you don’t perform any sinful acts through your physical organs. Make effort for yourself to become karmateet.__________2. Do not desire to have a vision. Neither do you receive liberation by having a vision nor are your sins cut away. There is no benefit in having a vision. The rust can only be removed by remembering the Father and the knowledge.

V- May you consider yourself to be an instrument and remain free from waste thoughts and a wasteful attitude and become a world benefactor.__________“I am an instrument for the task of world benevolence”. Maintain the awareness of this responsibility and you will never have any waste thoughts or a wasteful attitude towards yourself or others. Responsible souls cannot have a single thought that is non-benevolent. They cannot have a wasteful attitude for even a second because the atmosphere is created through their attitude and so, they automatically have good wishes and pure feelings for everyone.

S- The power of ignorance is anger and the power of knowledge is peace.