Sweet children, only on the path of knowledge do you have the company of the Truth. You are now sitting in the company of the true Father. To stay in remembrance of the Father means to be in the company of the Truth.

Q- Why do you children now need the company of the Truth?

A- Because it is only by staying in the company of the true Father, the true Teacher and the Satguru that you tamopradhan souls become satopradhan, that is, you can change from ugly to beautiful. Without the company of the Truth, weak souls cannot become strong. With the company of the Father, souls receive the power of purity and their boats go across for 21 births.

D- 1. Remain beyond all consciousness of the body you have taken and become pure by staying in the company of the Truth.__________2. In this student life, as you walk and move around, you should continue to turn this knowledge around in your intellect. Make effort whilst keeping your aim and objective in front of you. Have an honest heart and become a helper of the Father.

V- May you be an elevated effort-maker who does golden-aged service with your golden-aged nature._________The children who have no alloy of old sanskars or nature of jealousy, of stubbornness or trying to prove themselves right are those who have golden-aged natures. Those who have such golden-aged natures and who always have the sanskar of saying “Ha ji”! (Yes indeed), such elevated effort-making children mould themselves according to the time and service and become real gold. When the alloy of ego and feeling insulted is not mixed in service, you would then be called one who does golden-aged service.

S- Finish the questions of “Why?” and “What?” and remain constantly happy in your heart.