Sweet children, have a lot of interest in earning an income. An income is earned through this study.


What is it that brings happiness but becomes an obstacle when there isn't knowledge?


To have visions is a matter of great happiness, but if you don't have accurate knowledge, you become even more confused. For instance, if someone has a vision of the Father, He sees the form of a point. What would he understand by that? He would become even more confused. This is why there is no benefit in having visions when you don't have knowledge. There are even more of Maya’s obstacles in that. Many have wrong intoxication by having visions.


May you be an easy yogi by taking every step according to directions and make Maya surrender herself to you.

The children who take every step according to directions make the whole world surrender to them. Along with that, Maya also surrenders herself with her whole progeny. First of all, you surrender yourself to the Father and Maya will then surrender herself to you. While keeping your elevated self-respect, continue to follow every order and you will be liberated from all difficulties for birth after birth. Now, you are an easy yogi and in the future you will have an easy life. So, make your life very easy.


To transform many souls with your own transformation is to give them the donation of life.