Sweet children, you have caught hold of the Father’s hand. By continuing to remember the Father while living in your home and family you will become satopradhan from tamopradhan.


What enthusiasm should you children have? What method should you use to be seated on the throne?


Always have the enthusiasm that the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, gives you platefuls of the jewels of knowledge every day. To the extent that you remain in yoga, accordingly, your intellects will continue to become pure. Only these eternal jewels of knowledge will go with you. In order to be seated on the throne, follow the Mother and the Father completely. Move forward according to His shrimat. Also make others equal to yourselves.


May you become a master almighty authority who finds solutions to all reasons and remains free from fear.

At present, along with temporary happiness, there are also the two things of worry and fear. Where there is fear, there cannot be peace of mind. Where there is fear, there cannot be peace. So, along with happiness, there are also reasons for sorrow and peacelessness. However, you are master almighty authority children who are filled with the treasure of all powers, the ones who find solutions to all reasons, ones who are embodiments of solutions who find solutions to all problems and so you are free from worry and fear. Any problem that comes in front of you comes to play with you and not to make you afraid.


Make your attitude (vruti) elevated and your home and family (pravruti) will automatically become elevated.