Sweet children, the Father has come to teach you how to swim. By learning this, you are taken across from this world. The whole world is then changed for you.


What do the Father’s helpers receive in return for the help they give?


The Father makes the children who become His helpers at this time such that they don’t need to take help or advice for half the cycle. He is such a great Father! He says: Children, if you weren’t My helpers, how would I be able to establish heaven?


May you imbibe the awareness of three things and become completely victorious.

Awareness of oneself, awareness of the Father and awareness of the knowledge of the drama: the expansion of all the knowledge is merged in the awareness of these three things. They are the three types of awareness of the tree of knowledge. A tree is at first a seed and then two leaves grow from that seed and the expansion of the tree then emerges. In the same way, the main thing is to have awareness of the Father, the Seed, and then of the two leaves, which is all the knowledge of soul and the drama. Those who imbibe this awareness of three things receive the blessing of being an embodiment of remembrance and they become completely victorious.


Always keep your attainments in front of you and all weaknesses will easily finish.