Sweet children, become mahavirs. Instead of fighting the storms of Maya, remain unshakeable and immovable.


Why did Brahma Baba not get upset even though so much upheaval appeared in front of him?


Because Baba had the intoxication of claiming his inheritance from the Father. Everything is happening exactly as it did in the previous cycle; it is nothing new. It was the father who received the most insults. “They even insult Krishna; so what if I have to take insults! The world knows nothing about our matters and so they will definitely insult me”. Therefore, he didn’t get upset about anything. Follow the father in the same way.


No one is as unique as the Innocent Lord!

Essence for dharna:

1. Have full courage to follow shrimat. Don't become afraid or upset about anything.

2. Keep your creation in your hands. Save them from vice. Advise them to become pure.


May you be a conqueror of attachment and use your body for Godly service considering it to be a valuable property entrusted to you.

When you are given something valuable to look after, you do not consider it to be yours and you do not have attachment to it. That body, too, is entrusted to you for Godly service. The spiritual Father has entrusted it to you and so you will definitely remember the spiritual Father. By considering it to be entrusted to you, there will be spirituality and you won’t have any attachment of it being yours. This is an easy way to be a constant yogi and become a conqueror of attachment. So, now, reveal your stage of spirituality.


In order to go into the stage of retirement, underline purity in your vision and attitude.