Sweet children, the things that the Father teaches you now are your source of income for 21 births. Therefore, study very well and you will be constantly happy.


Why is the supersensuous joy of you children remembered?


Because it is only you children who know the Father at this time. Only you come to know the beginning, the middle and the end of the world from the Father. You are now standing at the confluence, in the unlimited. You know that you are now going across the salty channel to the sweet channel of nectar. God, Himself, is teaching you! Only you Brahmins experience this happiness. This is why only your supersensuous joy has been remembered.


May you remain free from karmic bondage and become double-light while doing service with the vehicle of your subtle body.

Just as you remain busy in doing physical Godly service with your physical body, in the same way, you also simultaneously have to do subtle service with your subtle body. Just as the establishment grew through Brahma, in the same way, with this use of your subtle body and the vision of your combined Shiv-Shakti form, the task of visions and giving the message will take place. However, to do this service, you have to remain constantly free from karmic bondage and be double-light even while you work.


The fortune of being respected by everyone is merged in the renunciation of respect.