Sweet children, in order to pass with good marks, you students must become active and make some effort. You students mustn’t become lazy. Laziness is for those who remember their friends and relatives throughout the day.

Q- Who are said to be most fortunate at the confluence age?

A- Those who have made everything successful by giving their bodies, minds and wealth and those who are still doing this are said to be the most fortunate. It is understood of those who are very miserly that this is not in their fortune. They don’t understand that destruction is standing ahead of them and that they should do something worthwhile. Fortunate children understand that the Father has personally come in front of them, and so they use everything in a worthwhile way. By remaining courageous, they become instruments to create the fortune of many others.

D- 1. In order to attain your karmateet stage, forget your tail, the form of your body. Do not remember any of your friends or relatives. Just make effort to remember the one Father._________2. Become God’s helpers according to shrimat and use your body, mind and wealth successfully and thus create an elevated fortune for yourself.

V- May you constantly experience the ascending stage by being honest and keeping yourself clear in front of the Father.__________To keep yourself as you are and how you are and to reveal yourself in that way to the Father is the biggest of all means to attain the ascending stage. It is the easiest way to finish the many types of burdens there are on your intellect. To be honest and keep yourself clear in front of the Father means to make your path of effort clear. When you put any plans in front of the Father or the instrument souls cleverly on the basis of the dictates of your own mind or the dictates of others that is not having honesty. To have honesty means that just as the Father is revealed to the children as He is and what He is, in the same way, children have to reveal themselves in front of the Father.

S- A true tapaswi is one who remains’ constantly in the position of a full renunciate.