Sweet children, let jewels of knowledge constantly emerge from your lips. Your faces must always remain cheerful.


What are the signs of the children who have imbibed knowledge in their Brahmin life?


1. Their activities are like those of deities. They imbibe divine virtues. 2. They have the practice of churning the ocean of knowledge. They never churn devilish things, that is, things of rubbish. 3. They do not defame or insult others. 4. Their faces are always cheerful.


May you become full of all powers and experience equality as a return of love.

The children who always remain merged in love for the Father receive the blessing of becoming equal to the Father as a response of their love. Those who are always loving and accurate in yoga automatically become full of all powers. When you have all the powers with you, victory is guaranteed. Those who have the awareness that the Almighty Authority Father is their Companion cannot be disturbed by any situation.


Those who remain content and happy in their effort-making life have the fortune of happiness.