Sweet children, in order to attain peace, become bodiless. It is only when you become body conscious that there is peacelessness. Therefore, remain stable in your original religion.

Q- What is accurate remembrance? To what particular aspect should you pay special attention at the time of remembrance?

A- Accurate remembrance is when you consider yourself to be a soul, distinct from your body, and you remember the Father. Pay attention that you don’t remember anyone’s body. In order to stay in remembrance, you should have the intoxication of knowledge. It should remain in your intellect that Baba is making you into a master of the world that you are to become a master of the whole world: the earth, sea and sky.

D- 1. In order to become a conqueror of sinful acts, you have to gain victory over them with the power of yoga. Whilst observing everything here, your intellects should be in yoga with the Father and the inheritance.__________2. In order to receive your full right to the inheritance from the Father, you have to become real children. Only follow the one Father’s shrimat. Clearly understand the things that the Father explains to you and then explain them to others.

V- May you become a searchlight that removes the curtain of ignorance with the light of perfection._____________The time for revelation is now coming close. Therefore, become introverted and fill yourself with jewels of deep experiences. Become such a searchlight that the curtain of ignorance is removed with your light of perfection. You are a star of the earth who will save the world from upheaval and make the world happy and golden. You are a most elevated soul who is an instrument to give the breath of happiness and peace to the world.

S- Remain distant from any attraction of Maya and matter and you will stay constantly happy.