Sweet children, you have come to the Father to have your dormant fortune awakened. To have your fortune awakened means to become a master of the world.


Which nourishment makes you children as wise as the Father?


This study is nourishment for the intellects of you children. The intellects of those who study this study every day, that is, those who take this nourishment every day, become divine. The Father, the Lord of Divinity, who is the Intellect of the Wise, makes the intellects of you children wise and divine, similar to His.


May you be worthy of respect and worthy of worship and give respect to everyone with your stage of humility by constantly remaining stable in your self-respect.

The Father’s praise is your self-respect. Remain stable in this self-respect and you will become humble and automatically continue to receive respect from everyone. You do not receive respect by asking for it, for it is by giving respect, by being stable in your self-respect and renouncing respect that you receive the fortune of being worthy of respect and worthy of worship, because to give respect is not giving it but receiving it.


As well as being one who knows everything, be the one who does everything and who continues to distribute the prasad (holy food) of experience to weak (powerless) souls.