Sweet children, the Boatman has come to take your boat across. Remain true to the Father and, although your boat may rock, it will not sink.

Q- What is the main reason why children are not able to stay accurately in remembrance of the Father?

A- Because you are in your corporeal form; you have forgotten that you are incorporeal souls and that your Father is also incorporeal. Because you are in your corporeal form, you are easily able to remember corporeal forms. You have to become soul conscious, consider yourselves to be points and remember the Father. Only in this is there effort.

D- 1. You must not perform any such act through which you would receive the title of a devotee from the Father. Become a messenger and give everyone the message to remember the Father and the inheritance.___________2. There is no rest or comfort in this old world; it is a dirty world. Therefore, forget it. As well as remembering the home, you have to remember the Father in order to become pure.

V- May you constantly be an embodiment of success with the method of renunciation and tapasya and the intent to serve.____________Renunciation and tapasya are the basis of success. Only those who have the true intention of renunciation can become real servers. It is with renunciation that you can make your own fortune and the fortune of others. To have this determination is to do tapasya. So, your renunciation, tapasya and intention to serve, all your limited intentions finish and the gathering becomes powerful. When one suggests and the other one follows it, when there isn’t “I” or “you” or “mine” or “yours”, you will then become an embodiment of success and free from obstacles.

S- Not to cause anyone sorrow, even in your thoughts, is complete non-violence.