Sweet children, lock up all your other thoughts at amrit vela and just remember the one Father alone with a lot of love. Have a sweet heart-to-heart conversation with the Father.


Everything that you children say has to be meaningful. Which children can speak meaningful words?


Those who are soul conscious speak words full of significance. The things that the Father teaches you at the confluence age are full of significance. Whatever people say in a state of body consciousness, it is meaningless; it is all meaningless and has no benefit in it either.


May you be sensible and make your every thought and action elevated and successful (worthwhile) as an embodiment of knowledge.

Those who think and act while being sensible embodiments of knowledge become images of success. The memorial of this on the path of devotion is that before they begin any auspicious task, they draw a swastika or they salute Ganesh. The swastika is symbolic of you stabilising in your original stage and Ganesh symbolises the knowledge-full stage. When you children create every thought and perform every action while being sensible with knowledge, you easily experience success.


The speciality of Brahmin life is happiness and so continue to donate happiness.