Sweet children, the Father has created the sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra and you Brahmins are the ones who look after it. Therefore, you definitely have to remain pure.

Which children will the Father help at the end?

At the end, when many calamities come, the children who do service very well will receive help from the Father. The Father will definitely help those who have become His helpers.

Whose face is the wonderful face? In what form does its memorial exist?

When Shiv Baba, the One who doesn't have a face of His own, takes the support of this face, it becomes a wonderful face. This is why you children personally come to see this face. The memorial of this is in the faces of the rosary of Runda (beads with a face on them).

How sweet and lovely Innocent God Shiva is!

Essence for dharna:

1. This study is most valuable. God Himself is teaching you. Therefore, don't miss a single day. Fill your aprons with the treasures of knowledge every day.

2. This is the time to study and you are also on a pilgrimage. You have to look after the sacrificial fire of Rudra and so you must definitely remain pure in order to do this. Don't be influenced by any vice and thereby create an obstacle.


May you increase the fortune of happiness that you have received from the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, by sharing it with others.

Your greatest fortune is that the Father, the Bestower of Fortune has made you belong to Him. People of the world are desperate to have even a secondís glance from God, whereas you are constantly merged in His eyes. This is called being fortunate. Fortune is your inheritance. Out of the whole cycle, it is only now that you receive such fortune. So, continue to increase your fortune. The way to increase it is to share it. The more you share it with others, that is, make them fortunate, the more your fortune will increase.


In order to experience being free from obstacles and having a constant and stable stage, practise concentrating more.