Sweet children, this school is for becoming Narayan from an ordinary man. The one who is teaching you is the true Father, the true Teacher and the true Satguru Himself. Your faith in this has to remain firm.

What should you children never have the slightest worry about and why?

If, while following this path, someone has heart failure and leaves his body, you should not worry because you know that each one has to perform his own act. You should be happy because you know that the soul has taken the sanskars of knowledge and yoga with him and so he will now serve Bharat even better. There is no question of worrying; it was destined in the drama.

You are the Mother and You are the Father.

Essence for dharna:

1. You have to do the business of studying and teaching others on the basis of shrimat. Remain firm on the destiny of the drama. Do not worry about anything.

2. At the end, no one but the Father has to be remembered. Therefore, practise forgetting even the body. You have to become bodiless.


May you become a complete Vaishnav and a successful tapaswi who doesn’t touch anything bad with your mind or intellect.

Those with the personality and royalty of purity cannot touch anything bad with their minds or intellects. Just as in Brahmin life, any physical attraction or physically touching is impurity, in the same way, allowing your mind or intellect to be attracted or touched by any vice even in thought, is impurity. So, do not touch anything bad even with your thoughts. This indicates a complete Vaishnav and a successful tapaswi.


Finish the problems of the mind and make your present and future bright.