Sweet children, give everyone the good news that peace is once again being established in the world. The Father has come to establish the one original eternal deity religion.


Why are you children repeatedly given the signal to stay in remembrance?


Because it is only by having remembrance that you become everhealthy and ever pure. This is why, whenever you have time, stay in remembrance. Early in the morning, after bathing etc., go for a walk or sit in solitude. Here, there is nothing but income. It is by having remembrance that you will become the masters of the world.


May you be constantly victorious and carefree like Vishnu by making the snake of the vices your bed.

Vishnu portrayed on a bed of snakes is a memorial of the easy yogi life of you victorious children. Even the snake of vices is easily controlled with yoga. The children who attain victory over the snake of vices and make it a bed of comfort remain constantly happy and carefree like Vishnu. So, always keep this image in front of you of being a soul who has controlled the vices and who has all rights. You, a soul, are in a state of constant rest and are carefree.


With the balance of being a child and a master, put your plans into a practical form.