Sweet children, there is only one university where all human beings and the elements are transformed. It is here that everyone receives salvation.


What advice must you instantly put into practice as soon as you have faith in the Father?


When you have the faith that the Father has come, you should instantly put into practice the first advice that the Father gives you 1) Forget whatever you see with your eyes. Only follow My directions. Implement this advice immediately. 2) When you belong to the Father, your give and take should not be with impure beings. The children whose intellects have faith can never have doubts about anything.

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to go to the lovely, golden-aged kingdom, become very, very lovely. You definitely have to become pure in order to attain a royal status. Purity is first and this is why you have to conquer lust, the greatest enemy.

2. In order to have unlimited disinterest in this old world, whatever you see with your eyes, including your body, see it but don't see it. Take advice from the Father at every step.


May you be powerful and always remain content by experiencing problems to be a means of making your stage ascend.

Powerful souls overcome all problems as though they are just going along a straight road. For them, problems become a means of making their stage ascend. They are familiar with all problems (as though they have been through them before). They are never surprised, but always remain content instead. They never make excuses, and they change excuses into solutions at that time.


To be stable in your original stage and overcome all problems is greatness.