Sweet children, there is sorrow in blood connections. You have to renounce them and have spiritual love for each other. This is the basis of happiness and bliss.


What special effort do you need to make in order to become part of the rosary of victory?


In order to become part of the rosary of victory, make special effort to become holy (pure). Only when you become real sannyasis, that is, only when you become viceless will you become a bead of the rosary of victory. If there are accounts of the bondage of karma, you cannot become an heir; instead you will become part of the subjects.


The Flame has ignited in the happy gathering of moths.

Essence for dharna:

1. Just as BapDada never upsets you children, in the same way, you children must not upset anyone. Live with one another with internal love. Never get angry.

2. In order to claim a blessing of peace and bliss, surrender yourself fully to the Flame. Claim a Godly right to supreme peace and happiness through this study.


May you be everyoneís well-wisher and become victorious with the power of co-operation in the gathering.

If everyone in the gathering is each otherís helper and well-wisher, then by your being surrounded with the power of co-operation in the gathering, wonders can be achieved. Be one anotherís well-wisher and be co-operative with one another and Maya will not have the courage to enter this circle. However, there will only be the power of co-operation in the gathering when you have the determined thought that no matter how many things you have to face, you will definitely face them and show everyone by becoming victorious.


Any desire (ichcha) will not allow you to become good (achcha). Therefore, become ignorant of the knowledge of desires.