Sweet children, this is a game of a maze. You repeatedly forget the Father. Let your intellects have faith and you will not get trapped in this game.


While seeing the time of settlement, what is the duty of you children?


Your duty is to keep very busy with this study and not to get involved in other matters. The Father will seat you in His eyes, make you into a garland around His neck and take you back with Him. Everyone has to settle their accounts and return home. The Father has come to take everyone back home with Him.


May you be a true server who ignites many other lamps with the flame of love from the one lamp.

On Deepawali, many lamps are ignited from one lamp and Deepmala (garland of lights) is then celebrated. There is a flame in a deepak (lamp). In the same way, you deepaks have the flame of love. When the love of each of the deepaks is connected to the one Deepak, it is then true Deepmala. So, you have to see that you deepaks become the form of a flame with your deep love. Those who dispel the darkness of ignorance with their own light are true servers.


Always make the one lesson of "One strength and one faith” firm and you will easily be able to come away from any whirlpool (dilemma).