13/11/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, your real Deepmala (festival of lights) will be in the new world. This is why you shouldn’t have any desire to see the false festivals of this old world.

You are holy swans. What is your duty?

Your main duty is to stay in remembrance of the one Father and to connect the intellect of everyone in yoga to the one Father. You become pure and enable everyone to become pure. You have to remain constantly engaged in the task of changing human beings into deities. You have to liberate everyone from sorrow, become guides and show them the path to liberation and liberation-in-life.

Having found You, we have found the whole world. The earth and sky all belong to us.

Essence for dharna:

1. Become pure and make others pure like yourself. Don't remember anyone except the one Father.

2. In order to receive blessings from many souls, open a spiritual hospital. Show everyone the path to liberation and salvation.


May you become equal to the Father, and by following Father Brahma, come in the first grade.

All of you children have a lot of love for Father Brahma and the sign of having love is to become equal to Him. For this, constantly have the aim: I, first! Not “I, first” out of jealousy because that is damaging. However, when you say, “I, first!”, in following the Father and you actually do it, you will then also come first with the one who is the first. Just as Father Brahma became number one, in the same way, those who follow him also have to keep the aim of becoming number one. The one who takes the initiative is the first one, Arjuna. Everyone has a chance to come first. The first grade is unlimited, it is no less.


In order to become an embodiment of success, do the service of serving yourself while serving others at the same time.

Elevated versions of Mateshwari 21-1-57

This Godly satsang (spiritual gathering) is not a common satsang.

This Godly satsang of ours is not a common satsang. This is a Godly school or college in which we have to study regularly. Others just go and ‘do satsang’, they listen to that for a short time and then go back to what they were like. You become as you were, because you don’t receive a regular study there where you could create a reward. This is why our satsang is not a common satsang. This is our Godly college where God sits and teaches us and where we fully imbibe this study and claim a high status. Just as a teacher teaches you every day and gives you a degree, in the same way, here, God Himself in the form of the Guru, the Father and the Teacher teaches us every day and enables us to claim the highest status of deities. This is why it is necessary to join this school. It is essential for those who come here to understand this knowledge, what teachings you receive here and what you will attain by taking these teachings. We now know that God Himself comes and enables us to pass a degree and we have to finish this whole course in just this one birth. Those who take the whole course of this knowledge from the beginning to the end will pass fully. Those who come in the middle of the course will not take as much of this knowledge. They would not know what was taught earlier in the course. This is why you have to study regularly here. Only by having this knowledge will you progress and this is why you have to study regularly.

After becoming a true child of God, do not have any doubts.

Since God Himself has come onto this earth, we have to give our hands to Him fully. However, only those who are true and strong children of Baba will give Baba their hands. Never let go of that Father’s hand. If you let go, where would you go after becoming an orphan? Now that you have caught hold of God’s hand, you mustn’t have the slightest thought, even in a subtle form, of letting go of it, nor must you have any doubts such as: I don’t know whether I will be able to go across or not. There are even such children who do not recognise the Father and so they answer the Father back and say that they are not concerned about anyone. If you have such thoughts, how can the Father look after such unworthy children? You should then understand that you are about to fall because Maya tries very hard to make you fall and she will definitely test you to see to what extent you are a clever and strong warrior. This is also essential. The stronger we become through God, the more Maya will also become strong and try to make us fall. There will be a proper partnership. Just as God is strong, Maya will also show her strength, but we have the firm faith that, ultimately, God is stronger and that victory will finally be His. We have to remain firm in this faith in every breath. Maya has to show her strength; she cannot show any weakness in front of God. If you show your weakness even once, everything is over. Therefore, even if Maya shows her force, we mustn’t let go of the hand of Maya Pati (the Lord of Maya). Those who hold on to His hand fully will be victorious. Since God is our Master, we must not have even any thought of letting go of His hand. God says: Children, since I, Myself, am powerful, you will then definitely become powerful by being with Me. Do you understand, children?