Sweet children, when you reach your karmateet stage you will go to the land of Vishnu. Only the children who pass with honours become karmateet.

Q- What effort do both Fathers make on you children?

A- Both Bap and Dada make the effort to make you children become worthy of heaven, completely virtuous and 16 celestial degrees full. It is as though you have received a double engine. He teaches you such a wonderful study that you claim your sovereignty for 21 births.

D- 1. In order to watch the scenes of bloodshed without cause at the end, you Shiv Shaktis have to become very fearless. By having remembrance of the Almighty Authority you can take power from Him.___________2. Become pure and do the true spiritual service of making others pure. Become doubly non-violent. Become a stick for the blind and show everyone the way home.

V- May you truly die alive and have a cremation ceremony of your old sanskars.___________When a person dies the body is cremated, and through that, the name and form completely finish. In the same way, when children die alive, then, though your bodies are the same, you have the cremation of your old sanskars, memories and nature. If someone who has been cremated comes in front of you, he is called a ghost. Here, too, when sanskars that have been cremated awaken and emerge again, that is an evil spirit of Maya. Chase away those evil spirits and do not even talk about them.

S- Instead of talking about the suffering of karma (karma bhog), continue to speak about your stage of karma yoga.