Sweet children, keep the study that the Father is teaches you in your intellects and teach it to everyone. Give everyone the introduction of the Father and the world cycle.


Souls play their parts in the golden age and also in the iron age, but what is the difference?


When souls play their parts in the golden age they don’t perform any sinful actions; every action there is neutral because Ravan doesn’t exist there. Then, when souls play their parts in the iron age, every action is sinful, because vices exist here. You are now at the confluence age and you have all the knowledge.


May you become an embodiment of experience who uses all your virtues and powers at the right time.

The speciality of Brahmin life is experience. If the experience of even one virtue or power is missing, then at one time or another, you will definitely be influenced by obstacles. Now, begin the course of experience. Use the treasures of every virtue and power. Any time you need a particular virtue, become an embodiment of it at that time. Do not just keep your treasures in the form of knowledge in the locker of your intellect, but use them and you will be able to become victorious and constantly continue to sing the song, "Wah re me” (The wonder of myself)


Only those who finish delicate thoughts and create powerful thoughts instead remain double light.