Sweet children, the original religion of you souls is peace.The land of souls is the land of peace. You souls are embodiments of peace. Therefore, you cannot ask for peace.

Q- What wonders does your power of yoga perform?

A- With the power of yoga, you purify the whole world. There are very few of you children with the power of yoga to remove the whole of this mountain and establish the mountain of gold. Even the five elements will become satopradhan and give very good fruit. When matter is satopradhan, your bodies will also be satopradhan. The fruit there is very large and delicious.

D- 1. You have to make your life like a diamond for 21 births by doing Godly service. You must only follow the mother and father and the special brothers and sisters._________2. In order to make your stage karmateet, forget everyone including your own body. You have to make your remembrance unshakeable and constant. You have to become free from greed and attachment and as viceless as the deities.

V- May you be especially influential with a particular speciality as well as being filled with all virtues.__________Doctors have knowledge of all general illnesses but, together with those, some become well-known with special knowledge in a particular field. In the same way, you children definitely have to become filled with all virtues, but you should now continue to move forward by becoming experienced in a particular speciality and use it for service. Just as Saraswati is worshipped as the goddess of knowledge, Lakshmi is worshipped as the goddess of wealth, in the same way, while having all virtues and all powers in yourself, especially do research in a particular speciality and make yourself influential in that.

S- Make the snake of vices the bed of easy yoga and you will remain constantly carefree.