Sweet children, you are very lucky because you don’t have any concerns other than to remember the Father. This father, however, still has many concerns.

Q- What are the signs of the Father's worthy children?

A- They continue to link the intellect of everyone in yoga with the Father. They are serviceable. They study well and teach others. They are seated in the Father’s heart. Only such worthy children glorify the Father’s name. Those who don’t study fully spoil things for others. This too is fixed in the drama.

D- 1. Don’t spoil the atmosphere with any form of gossip about others. Sit in solitude, be a true lover and remember your Beloved.__________2. Promise yourself: I will never cry. I will never shed tears. Only keep the company of those who are serviceable and are seated in the Father’s heart. Keep your register good.

V- May you pass with honours by making your foundation strong with your stage of being free from obstacles.___________Because some children have the stage of being free from obstacles over a long period of time, they have a strong foundation. They are powerful themselves and they also make others powerful. A soul who has been powerful and free from obstacles over a long period of time is also free from obstacles at the end and passes with honours and comes in the first division. So, always have the aim of definitely experiencing a stage that is free from obstacles over a long period of time.

S- Always have the feeling of uplifting and having good wishes for every soul and you will automatically continue to receive blessings.