Sweet children, keep very good company. If you are coloured by bad company you fall. Bad company degrades the intellect.


What should you children have a surge of enthusiasm for?


You should have a surge of enthusiasm to go and do service in every village. Whatever you have, use it for service. The Father advises you children: Children, free yourself from all supports of this old world. Have no attachment to anything here. Do not attach your hearts to anything.


May you be a soul with the elevated fortune of the confluence age and remain merged in God’s lap of remembrance.

The confluence age is even more elevated than the golden-aged heaven because the memorial of the present time is that there is nothing lacking in the world of Brahmins. Having found the one Father, you have found everything. Now, you children sometimes swing in the swing of supersensuous joy, sometimes in happiness, sometimes peace, sometimes knowledge, sometimes bliss and sometimes you swing in the swing of God’s lap. God’s lap is the stage of being absorbed in remembrance. This lap enables you to forget all sorrow and suffering of many births in a second. So, constantly keep these elevated sanskars in your awareness and become a fortunate soul.


Become so worthy that Baba sings songs of you and you sing songs of Baba.