Sweet children, perform actions for the livelihood of your bodies, but remember the Father for at least eight hours and donate peace to the whole world. Do the service of making others the same as you.

What effort must you make to claim a high status in the sun-dynasty clan?

1.In order to claim a high status in the sun-dynasty clan, remember the Father and inspire others to remember Him. The more you spin the discus of self-realisation and inspire others to do that, the higher the status you will claim. 2. Make effort to pass with honours. Do not perform such actions that you would have to experience punishment for them. The status of those who experience punishment is destroyed.

Take us away from this world of sin to a place of rest and comfort.

Essence for dharna:

1. Become full of all virtues like the Father. Live with one another with great love. Don’t cause anyone sorrow.

2. Practise remembering the Father while walking and moving around. Stay in remembrance and donate peace to the whole world.


May you be a destroyer of obstacles and your intellect have faith and remain constantly unshakeable by understanding the secrets of knowledge.

By being stable in the stage of a destroyer of obstacles, no matter how big an obstacle is, you will experience it to be a game. By considering it to be a game, you will not be afraid, but you will be happily victorious and double-light. When you are aware of the knowledge of the drama, every obstacle feels like “nothing new”. It will not feel like anything new, but something very old. You have been victorious many times; those whose intellects have faith understand the secrets of knowledge and have their memorial of Achalghar (the home of stability).


When you have the power of determination, success becomes the garland around your neck.

Invaluable elevated versions of Mateshwariji.

Whatever good or bad actions we perform, we definitely receive the fruit of them. For instance, when people give donations or perform charity, create a sacrificial fire or hold rituals of worship, they think that whatever donations they have given in the name of God is accumulated in God’s court and that when they die, they will definitely receive the fruit of them and be liberated. However, we know that by doing this, there isn’t permanent benefit. Whatever actions we perform, we will definitely receive temporary and momentary happiness. Until we are not constantly content in our practical lives, we cannot receive a return. Even if you ask people: “Have you fully benefitted by all that you have been doing?”, they would not have any answers for you. How can we tell whether that has been accumulated with God or not? Until you perform elevated actions in your practical lives, no matter how much effort you make, you will not receive liberation or liberation in life. Although there are so many saints and great souls, while they do not have knowledge of karma, their actions cannot become neutral actions, nor can they receive liberation or liberation in life. They don’t even know what true religion is or what true actions are. They cannot receive liberation by simply chanting “Rama, Rama”. They simply think that they will receive liberation after they die; they don’t even know how they would benefit after they die. Nothing at all. Whether a person performs good actions or bad actions in his life, he has to face their consequences in this life. We receive all of this knowledge of how to perform pure actions and create our lives from God, our Teacher, in a practical way. Achcha.