Sweet children, in order to claim the full reward of 21 births, sacrifice yourselves fully to the Father, not by half measure. To sacrifice oneself means to belong to the Father.

In order to understand which deep aspect do you need an unlimited intellect?

This is a predestined, unlimited drama. Whatever passed was in the drama. This drama is now coming to an end. We will return home and then our parts will begin afresh once again. An unlimited intellect is needed to understand this deep aspect. Only the unlimited Father gives this knowledge of the unlimited creation.

What is it that makes people cry out in distress whereas it makes you children happy?

Ignorant people cry out in even a little bit of sickness, whereas you children become happy because you understand it is an old karmic account being settled.

You spent the night sleeping and the day eating!

Essence for dharna:

1. Bring benefit to your clan on the basis of shrimat. Make your entire clan pure. Give your true account to the Father.

2. With the power of remembrance, make your body free from disease. Sacrifice yourself completely to the Father. Break your intellect’s yoga away from all others and connect it to the One.


May you do service as an instrument with the awareness of one Father and none other and you will become free from attachment.

The mind and intellect of the children who maintain the awareness of belonging to the one Father and none other easily become concentrated. They do service as instruments and so they do not have any attachment to it. The sign of attachment is that your intellect goes to whatever you have attachment to and your mind would run there too. Therefore, hand over all your responsibilities to the Father and look after everything as a trustee and an instrument and you will become free from attachment.


Obstacles make souls strong. Therefore, do not be afraid of obstacles.