Sweet children, only when a body has a soul inside it does it have any value. However, it is the body that is decorated, not the soul.


What is the duty of you children? What service do you have to do?


Your duty is to show your equals the way to change from an ordinary woman or man into Lakshmi or Narayan. You now have to do true spiritual service of Bharat. Each of you has received a third eye of knowledge. Therefore, your intellects and behaviour should be very refined. There shouldn’t be the slightest attachment to anyone.


May you be a world server who remains free from the web of any questions such as "Why?” and "What?” and become a ruler of the globe

When the discus of self-realisation spins the wrong way instead of the right way, then, instead of becoming a conqueror of Maya, you get caught up in the spinning of confusion of looking at others with which the web of questions such as "Why?” and "What?” is created. You yourself create it and then you yourself become trapped in it. So, be knowledge-full and continue to spin the discus of self-realisation and you will become free from any web of any questions "Why?” or "What?” You will become yogyukt, liberated in life and a ruler of the globe and you will continue to tour around with the Father doing the service of world benefit. By becoming a world server you will become a king who rules the globe.


Put your plans into a practical form with a plain intellect and success will be merged in that.