Sweet children, you are now sitting in the true pathshala (place of study). This is also a true satsang (Company of the Truth). Here, you receive the company of the true Father and it is this that takes you across.


What is the difference between the understanding you have and the understanding other people have regarding karmic accounts?


People believe that, in this play of happiness and sorrow, it is God who gives both happiness and sorrow, whereas you children know that this is a play about each one’s karmic accounts. The Father never causes sorrow for anyone. In fact, He comes to show you the path to happiness. Baba says: Children, I have never made anyone unhappy. That unhappiness is the fruit of your own actions.


May you be a master comforter of hearts and give comfort to each one’s heart as a bestower of blessings, like the Father.

The children who are embodiments of blessings, bestowers of blessings, like the Father, never look at anyone’s weakness. They are merciful towards everyone. Just as the Father never keeps anyone’s weaknesses in His heart, in the same way, the children who are bestowers of blessings never imbibe anyone’s weaknesses. They are master comforters of hearts who give comfort to each one’s heart, and so, whether they are companions or subjects, everyone sings praise of them. The blessings that emerge for them from everyone are: You are always loving and co-operative.


At the confluence age, elevated souls are those who are carefree emperors.