Sweet children, keep a true chart and your stage will remain good. By keeping your chart you will continue to benefit.


What awareness helps you to step away easily from the old world?


If you have the awareness that you claim your unlimited inheritance from the Father every cycle, that you have now taken Shiv Baba’s lap once again in order for you to claim your inheritance. Baba has adopted you so you become true Brahmins and Shiv Baba speaks the Gita to you; this awareness will help you step away from the old world.

Essence for dharna:

1. Become merciful, a remover of sorrow and bestower of happiness, like the Father.

2. Remain very cautious about the influence of bad company. Follow the one Father alone. Do service that will benefit many others. Never become arrogant and thereby consider yourself to be very clever.


May you constantly wear your crown of light and have all your activities carried out with signals from your thoughts.

The children who remain constantly light can never waste their thoughts or time. They only have thoughts that are going to happen practically. Just as you clarify something by speaking about it, in the same way, all their activities are carried out by their thoughts. When you adopt this method, the corporeal world will become the subtle region. For this, accumulate the power of silence and constantly wear your crown of light.


Step away from this land of sorrow and waves of sorrow will never come to you.