Sweet children, it is only at the confluence age that you have to make the effort to become soul conscious. You don't have to labour this way in the golden or iron ages.


Why is the name of Shri Krishna more famous than those of his parents?


1. Because none of those who take birth before Shri Krishna are born through the power of yoga. Krishna's parents too are not born through the power of yoga. 2. It is only the Radhe and Krishna souls who attain the full karmateet stage and they are the ones who receive total salvation. When sinful souls no longer remain, Shri Krishna takes birth in the pure, new, beautiful world which is called Paradise. 3. The Shri Krishna soul makes the most effort at the confluence age. This is why his name is glorified.


May you become a light for the world and take devotees beyond with a glance by becoming an image that grants visions.

The whole world is waiting to take drishti from you souls who are the eyes of the world. When you lights of the world reach your complete and perfect stage, that is, when you open your eyes of perfection, the world will be transformed in a second. You souls who will then be images that grant visions will be able to take devotee souls beyond with a glance. The queue of those who will to want to go beyond with a glance will be long and so keep your eyes of perfection open. Now stop rubbing your eyes and nodding off or choking in your thoughts and you will then be able to become an image that grants visions.


A pure nature is a sign of humility. Become pure and you will achieve success.