Sweet children, you are true Raj Rishis and your duty is to do tapasya. It is only by doing tapasya that you children become worthy of worship.


Which effort makes you worthy of worship for all time?


When you make effort to ignite the light of souls and make tamopradhan souls satopradhan, you will become worthy of worship for all time. Those who are careless and make mistakes at this time will cry a lot. If you don't make effort and pass, you will experience punishment from Dharamraj and you will not be worshipped. Those who have to experience punishment will not be able to raise their eyes.


May you be a contented soul who makes the offering of all defects by invoking divine virtues.

On Deepawali, special attention is paid to cleanliness and earning an income. In the same way, you also keep the aim of having cleanliness in every way and of earning an income and you thereby become a contented soul. Only by having contentment will you be able to invoke all the divine virtues. The offering of all defects will then be made automatically. Finish all weaknesses, defects, lack of strength and delicateness in yourself and begin a new account. Put on the new clothes of new sanskars and celebrate the true Deepawali.


In order to remain constantly set on the seat of self-respect, tighten the belt of determination very well.