14/11/23 Morning Murli Om Shanti BapDada Madhuban

Sweet children, there will definitely be obstacles in the service of changing human beings into deities. You have to tolerate all difficulties and still remain engaged in doing this service. You have to become merciful.

What are the signs of those who are aware of their final birth?

Their intellects are aware that they are neither going to take another birth in this world nor will they give birth to others. This is a world of sinful souls and we don't want it to increase any more; it has to be destroyed. We will shed these old clothes and return to our home. The play is now coming to an end.

The buds of the new age…

Essence for dharna:

1. Maintain the spiritual intoxication that you have come into God's lap and that you will then go into the lap of the deities. Bring benefit to yourself and to others.

2. Wake up at amrit vela and churn the knowledge of the Ocean of Knowledge. Stay in unadulterated remembrance of the One. Renounce body consciousness and have the faith that you are a soul.


May you perform every action systematically with remembrance from amrit vela until night time and thereby become an embodiment of success..

Whatever actions you perform from amrit vela until night time, do those systematically with remembrance and every action will be successful. The greatest success of all is to experience supersensuous joy in the form of instant fruit. You will constantly continue to move along in waves of happiness and joy. So, you receive this fruit instantly and you also receive fruit in the future. The fruit you receive instantly in this birth is even more elevated than the fruit you receive in your many future births. You do something now and instantly receive the fruit of it at the same time: this is called instant fruit.


Perform every action considering yourselves to be instruments and you will remain detached and loving and not have any consciousness of “I”.