Sweet children, in order to pass with honours, always follow shrimat. Save yourself from bad company and from the storms of Maya.

Q- What service does the Father do for you children that you also have to do?

A- Just as the Father calls you His beloved children and serves you by making you into diamonds, in the same way, you children also have to make your sweet brothers into diamonds. There is no difficulty in this. Simply tell them: Remember the Father and you will become like diamonds.

Q- Which order has the Father given to His children?

A- Children, earn this true income and inspire others to do the same. You are not allowed to take a loan from anyone.

D- 1. Never become careless about studying. Become a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. Do the service of making others become like diamonds.__________2. Earn this true income and inspire others to do the same. Exchange all of your old things. You have to remain cautious of bad company.

V- May you be a master ocean of love and give the experience of true spiritual love.____________When you go to the shores of an ocean you experience coolness. In the same way, you children become such master oceans of love that any soul who comes in front of you will experience himself to be on the shores of master oceans of love because souls in today’s world are hungry for true spiritual love. Having seen selfish love, their hearts have moved away from true love and this is why they would consider even an experience of just a few moments spiritual love to be the support of their lives.

S- Remain full of the wealth of knowledge and you will automatically continue to receive physical wealth.