Sweet children, the Father, Himself, the One you have been worshipping for half the cycle, is now teaching you. It is through this study that you become deities.


What is the wonder of the lift of the power of yoga?


You children ascend in the lift of the power of yoga in a second, that is, you receive the inheritance of liberation-in-life in a second. You know that it takes you 5000 years to come down the ladder and that you climb up in a second. This is the wonder of the power of yoga. All sins of you souls are cut away by having remembrance of the Father and you become satopradhan.


May you go into solitude and find a solution to every problem in a second with the power of silence.

When a new and powerful invention is created, it is done underground. Here, to be in solitude is to remain underground. Whatever time you have, even while carrying out your activities, while listening to and relating knowledge, while giving directions, go into silence beyond this physical world and beyond the consciousness of your body. This practice and stage of experiencing this and giving others this experience will give you a solution to every problem. By doing so, you will give others the experience of peace and powerin a second. Whoever comes in front of you will experience having a vision through this stage.


To step aside from wasteful and sinful thoughts and remain stable in the soul conscious stage is to be yogyukt.