Sweet children, pour the oil of knowledge and yoga into the lamp of the soul so that the light remains ignited. Understand very clearly the contrast between knowledge and yoga.

Q- The Father cannot do His task by inspiration. He has to come here personally. Why is this?

A- Because the intellects of human beings are totally tamopradhan. A tamopradhan intellect cannot catch an inspiration. It is because the Father came that they sing: "Leave Your throne in the sky!

D- 1. Make your sense organs cool and peaceful with the power of remembrance. In order to pass fully, remember the Father accurately and become pure._________2. Let it remain in your intellect as you sit and as you move that you now have to renounce your old body and return home. Just as the Father has all the knowledge, so you have to become a master ocean of knowledge.

V- May you become a master Parasnath Lord of Divinity) who makes iron-like souls into divine beings.___________All of you are master parasnath children of the Parasnath Father. Therefore, no matter how much like iron a soul may be, with your company, even iron becomes divine. Never think: This one is like iron. The speciality of a philosopher’s stone is to change iron into gold. Constantly keep this aim and its qualifications in your awareness, as you create every thought and perform every deed. Only then will you experience rays of light radiating from you, the soul, giving all souls the power to become golden.

S- Perform every task with courage and you will receive everyone’s respect.