Sweet children, this confluence age is the age for ascending. Everyone benefits in this age. This is why it is said: There is benefit for everyone due to your ascending stage.


Why does Baba give all you Brahmin children many congratulations?


Baba says: It is because you children of Mine become deities from humans. You now become free from the chains of Ravan. You pass with honours and claim the kingdom of heaven. I don't do that. Therefore, Baba congratulates you a great deal. You souls are kites. The strings of all of you are in My hands. I make you into the masters of heaven.


May you be a world server and invoke many souls with your stage of supersensuous joy.

The more your last stage continues to come closer, to being karmateet the more you will love to be in the stage of being beyond sound. In this stage, you will constantly experience supersensuous joy. Then in this stage of supersensuous joy, you will easily be able to invoke many other souls. This powerful stage is the stage of a world benefactor. With this stage you will be able to make Baba’s message reach souls who are sitting far away.


By keeping each one’s speciality in your awareness, become faithful and the gathering will become united in one direction.