Signs of a true server

V- May you wear a crown of light by having the awareness of being karanhar (one who does) and of Karavanhar (The One who inspires).________I am an instrument, a karma yogi, karanhar (one who does) and the Father is Karavanhar (The One who inspires). If you have this natural awareness, you will constantly have a crown of light and become a carefree emperor. Just the Father and I, and no third person: experiencing this easily makes you into a carefree emperor. Those who become such emperors become conquerors of Maya, conquerors of their physical senses and conquerors of matter. However, if even by mistake, someone puts a burden of wasteful feelings and intentions on himself, then, instead of a crown, there would be many baskets of worry on his head.

S- In order to become free from all bondages, become a destroyer of attachment to all bodily relationships.