Sweet children, your faces are now towards heaven. You are stepping away from the shores of hell and going to heaven. Therefore, remove your intellects’ yoga from hell.


What is the highest and most subtle destination? Who can reach it?


You children turn your faces to heaven and Maya turns your faces towards hell; she brings many storms. You have to overcome all of those storms; this is your subtle destination. In order to reach your destination, you have to become destroyers of attachment. On the basis of your faith and courage you can overcome this. While living amongst people who indulge in vice, your effort is to become a swan free from vices.


May you be a master bestower of support for all by being a victorious jewel on the basis of faith.

Because children who have faith in the intellect are victorious, they constantly dance with happiness. They do not speak about their victory, but because of being victorious, they increase the courage in others. They do not try to make anyone look small, but they become master bestowers of support, the same as the Father, that is, they uplift them from down below. They always remain far from any waste. To step away from waste is to be victorious. Such victorious children become master bestowers of support for everyone.


Only those who serve with their selflessness and stage that is free from any sins are embodiments of success.