Sweet children, you have to become true Vaishnavs. Together with a precautions of a diet, true Vaishnavs also remain pure.


By transforming which weakness into a virtue can your boat go across?


Attachment is the biggest weakness. Because of attachment, the remembrance of relatives troubles you. (There is the example of a monkey.) When a relative dies, they continue to remember him for 12 months. They cover their faces and continue to weep because they constantly remember him. If you were harassed by remembrance of the Father and remembered Him day and night in the same way, your boat would go across. It would be your great fortune for you to remember the Father in the same way as you remember your physical relatives!


May you transform your attitude by making a vow of having pure thoughts and thereby become seated on the heart-throne.

BapDada’sheart throne is so pure that only pure souls can be constantly seated on it. Those who have impurity or who do anything against the codes of conduct in their minds go into the descending stage instead of being seated on the throne. So, first of all, transform your attitude by making a vow to have pure thoughts. By transforming your attitude, the world of your future life will change. The instant fruit of making a vow of having pure and determined thoughts is to be seated on BapDada’s heart-throne for all time.


When you have all the powers with you, obstacles free success is guaranteed.